Thursday, October 10, 2013

flapper dress shopping with an owl

"After a very successful shopping spree, Cheryl was feeling fine and ready to raise the roof."

This hot little number came from Lynn, who keeps an interesting blog over at Sunny Room Art.

Ahh, fringe-covered, flapper-inspired dresses, and shopping! What's not to love?

I need to remind myself not to go on too many shopping sprees this month, because I tend to use my birthday as an excuse to buy things I've had my eye on for a while.
Art supplies.
The list is nearly the same every year, in terms of categories, although the products change.  This year I want a pair of leggings that are purple and black and yellow and covered in a linear, tribal, triangular pattern.  Shh, don't tell, but I already bought them. The temptation was too great.
(Also, they will look fabulous with boots and dresses!)

Cheers to shopping sprees you can afford!   *clink*

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