Friday, June 27, 2014

bad hair day - from Eric

Eric sent this really excellent digital collage. 

I really like the vividness of the blue, and the optical texture is really interesting. 
(I'm calling it "optical texture" only because the card itself feels smooth.)
And the scale is perfect, so much so that I expect a dude's face on top of the neck...but it is that silly monkey, every time.  :)

Eric's blog, My Mail Art World, is chock full of detailed mail art exchanges and lots of pictures.  You should check it out if you're unfamiliar with it.

Also, this postcard came all the way from France, so you'll find a shot of the postage below, because I think it's pretty.
I was *just* in France a few weeks ago, and I had a postcard-enthusiast mini-disaster: I completely forgot to bring my address book. Ha! So I could only send mail to the people whose addresses I had memorized.  Weirdly, it turned out I knew a LOT more addresses by heart than I thought I knew, right down to the zip codes.
When I mailed those postcards, I got a bunch of postage stamps that looked very similar to this one, only in purple!

Here is what I sent to Eric.
And there's nothing wrong with a little truth.
Is that a fake bunny postage stamp?  Why yes, it is.

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