Thursday, September 5, 2013

fancy brazilian plumbing

We have arrived safely in Sao Carlos, Brazil!  Hooray!
The first interesting thing I noticed about the mini apartment where we are staying is the plumbing.
I am a huge fan of indoor plumbing.
Luckily, there is hot water available for the shower, if only because there is a hot water heater taped to the top of the shower head.  Yes, those are electrical wires hanging out on top of a water source.
We're living on the edge, people.

As a side note, there's no hot water for washing dishes in the kitchen...which would bother me if we were staying here for more than a month.  As it is, though, we've only got two plates, so I'm pretty sure they won't get too dirty, since I must wash them pretty much immediately after use.

Don't worry, not all my posts about staying in Brazil will involve plumbing.
This is my "nesting" phase.  Pretty soon we'll be adventuring.


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