Wednesday, May 6, 2015

gross. watercolors.

I've been playing with a new macro lens for the camera, and it's been more fun than I can convey.

 These shots are the pans inside my watercolor set.  I'm convinced that it's impossible to finish a watercolor set; I "inherited" this one from my older sister, my dad passed the set he had in his teens on to me, I still have some of the set I painted with when I was five (okay, I refilled that one, that might be cheating), and there are others floating around the studio.
Really, I just want to move on to a better grade of paint, but I feel guilty about abandoning the old sets. Maybe I get too attached to my paints. Probably I will pass on at least one of these to a friend.

And yeah, all of these paints look like a funky mold growth. I think they re-crystallize weirdly when they dry.
But this set does it every time!
Your eyeballs have never been this close to paint before (unless you got it in your eye...ow).
You're welcome!