Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Taco Tuesday - kill face?

This is what Taco looks like when he's thinking really hard about pouncing and/or murdering something.
But he's not quite ready yet.
(Gotta wait for his pupils to dilate all the way before he moves.)

This is the face he makes when there is a bird outside.

And he chatters, he doesn't meow. It sounds like he has a stutter.

And a look of disappointment as he realizes, once again, that the birds will not be throwing themselves through the window, as he has requested so many times.

Happy Cinco, my little chickadees!


  1. Brilliant. I can never get close enough to one of my cats to get pictures like this. Only one of them likes to chatter when he sees a bird, the other just freezes and watches in (potential) deadly silence.

    Taco looks more possessed than your average cat in this photos - a special skill of his, I'm sure.

    1. I might be a little biased towards taking pictures when Taco looks the most possessed! :)
      The macro lens helps with the distance issue, since I was at least half a couch away from him when I shot those photos. And yes, a "couch" is legitimate as a unit of measure...it makes as much sense as a foot.