Saturday, October 8, 2011

smoking unicorn

I'm pretty sure most chain-smoking unicorns would rather be leaping over rainbows.
Just a guess.

(I think I'm going to turn this one into a postcard! Good idea, yeah?)

sheep! baaaah!

scotties and a dog toy

the inside cover of a fresh sketchbook!

It's an exciting time.
I can stuff it with whatever I like.
I even stuck some space-age stamps in the cover.

fluorescent business replies

another gutwrench postcard subscription reply

I was supposed to illustrate a "before" and "after"
...although if I still had this postcard in hand, I think I would stab a few holes through the "after" section. Just sayin' ... sometimes things change. :)

all up in

Repetition! Patterns! Marker-y-goodness!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the sound guy

Sound guys at concerts are ALWAYS frowning. He had his own tent to frown in by himself.

roof at sunset

I went to an outdoor concert that evening, and danced barefoot around a big field at sunset.
It was a good day.

trees - block printed and colored in

the rapture...didn't happen again

big plans happen in small spaces

spooky business reply

foxes and their giant ears

coffee drinking bear...or, actually, bear drinking coffee.

furry owl feet

this girl is a statue!

Really! I took a few liberties in my I usually do...
because she's actually hula-hooping, which is pretty impressive for a sculpture.
I can't hula hoop properly, and I can move!

really lame rock memorial at the library

none of your business reply, son

Yeah, OK. Only one is a business reply, and I sure hope the other one got there on time, because that was my car registration!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

street view

A view of the main street in lovely Chatham, NJ. It's very well-manicured. Lots of flowers.

I really like the lamp posts. They are pretend-old.

paint splatter plus some thoughtful ink additions

a karma road map

Every month, I get an assignment via postcard subscription.
I was supposed to draw a map, that month. This is what happened. :) is the best postcard subscription...ever.
I also can say that I love her zines. Her writing is very heartfelt and beautiful.


sidewalk chalk is fun

Friday, July 29, 2011

more bears

oh, bananagrams

I highly recommend trying out the game "bananagrams" to anyone who enjoys Scrabble, crossword puzzles, or words. Comes in a banana-shaped pouch, which is just tooooo cute.

snail-peacock and a bear...and a pen...and stuff.

nerd love

I submitted a professional-looking version of the nerd heart to the dELia's t-shirt contest last month...
I didn't win!
I don't think teenage girls really love nerds as much as they say they do. (That's their target market.)
Probably would have done better with vampires!

mom tattoo

I'm pretty sure everyone should have a mom tattoo.

typewriters and unicorns and teacups

silly circuitry

So, a dear friend of mine requested that I make a textile design about circuitry.
This is what I started thinking about. It's in the works!

foxy lady postcard

Oh yeah, this one definitely needed to be a postcard.
Available now at under the "awesome postcards" section.

dog spit

It's scary to think that I could, at any given moment, be lovingly (ok, obsessively) covered in gross dog spit.

silly dog

more twisted business replies

Looks like I've been busier than I can recall!