Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the sound guy

Sound guys at concerts are ALWAYS frowning. He had his own tent to frown in by himself.

roof at sunset

I went to an outdoor concert that evening, and danced barefoot around a big field at sunset.
It was a good day.

trees - block printed and colored in

the rapture...didn't happen again

big plans happen in small spaces

spooky business reply

foxes and their giant ears

coffee drinking bear...or, actually, bear drinking coffee.

furry owl feet

this girl is a statue!

Really! I took a few liberties in my I usually do...
because she's actually hula-hooping, which is pretty impressive for a sculpture.
I can't hula hoop properly, and I can move!

really lame rock memorial at the library

none of your business reply, son

Yeah, OK. Only one is a business reply, and I sure hope the other one got there on time, because that was my car registration!