Monday, January 30, 2012

wet pizza contest

Veggies for the win!

line dry

secret table

For clandestine lunches.

picnic table

Our potato chips always blow away in the breeze.
The breeze is clearly in cahoots with the seagulls.

grill master


It was barf-tacular.

sea-themed wreath

upholstery in chenille

oh, vanity

juice. dust.

lamp fish

"Hello, lamp? It's fish. Wanna go for a swim?"

It's almost Kate.

Dad, again.

a terrible rendering of...

I need to stick to 30 second portraits.

It's not Kate.

I tried to draw my sister while she was reading. It didn't quite work out as I had planned.


My brother in law kindly stood for a 30 second pose.

coffee table, usually covered in fake floral arrangements

pinecones are sticky

apocalypse sandcastle


I was seriously excited about this.

garden across the street

the house next door

I even like the power lines.

front yard

garbage day

seagull watch


Hey, do you guys remember the "Ren and Stimpy" show?
It was on Nickelodeon about twenty years ago...
Anyway, I just remembered the ultimate catchy tune from it: "It's log, it's log, better than bad, it's good!"
Now I'm going to be thinking about that awful song for about 72 hours, so I apologize in advance if this has the same effect on you.

shed, cinderblocks

It's the neighbor's backyard.

Frisbee of Revenge!!!!!

Feisty seagulls. Remind me not to mess with that guy's crackers.

a dark and stormy night

bird lamp at lbi

"Hello, lamp? It's bird. Wanna play outside today?"

trains on a rainy day inside

The plot was way too complex for my dad to follow without asking a million questions, though.

downstairs bedroom at lbi

When I was little, this is the room I'd stay in...only the blanket had a giant tiger on it.
Rawr. :)

tick tock, you're not a clock

You, in the corner, there, look like a penis.
Nice job, lighthouse.

lbi - off the upper deck