Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taco Tuesday ... he forgets to remember, sometimes.

"Okay, Taco, give me sexy!"

The things that humans do baffle me on a regular basis.  Wear pants? What for?

I forgot...no, I remembered! ...Wait, no, I forgot.  Maybe I'll remember after I finish licking my delectable kitty belly.

When I'm not taking five bazillion photos of Taco, sometimes I go to the playground.
In the middle of winter.
It's pretty liberating.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Taco Tuesday: catatonic

It's good to be so relaxed that your eyes cross a little and your tongue sticks out ever so slightly.

It's also good to feel so at home that you get caught in very silly positions.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentine's Day cards, how much do I love thee?

Enough to send, like, fifty of them to some other people's grandmothers!

I designed the silliest set of Valentine's Day cards that I could muster.
They mostly revolve around puns about fruits and vegetables.

And I put them up in my shop, as an instant download.  Or a printable file. Whatever you want to call it.

Now, I printed out quite a few of them, while I was fixing the colors in each design, and as they started to pile up, I was wondering how in the world I was going to give that many valentine cards away.

But I didn't have to worry.  I can send them off to Etsy headquarters, who brings them to Meals on Wheels, who will deliver them to senior citizens.
You can participate, too!
There are a few guidelines, for instance, you have to write out "Valentine's Day" and not abbreviate it as V-Day.  {That has a completely different meaning to that generation.}

Also keep it happy and bright, but no glitter!  Apparently no one wants to accidentally eat any glitter.

Oh yeah, and the deadline is February 3rd.  It's a little bit sooner than you might think!

The address and the rest of the guidelines you need can be found at the Etsy blog.

But here's the address again, in case you can't click through!
Attn: Adriane Tidona
55 Washington St.
Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Are you going to send any? Mine will be in the mail on Monday!  :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Martin the Monkey. The Metamorphosis.

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

I got another great piece by Lynn!

The back reads
"Martin loved his job at Men's Wearhouse.
Sport coats and tuxedos were his specialties."

Excellent. So excellent. Martin looks like he talks with hands a lot, too. 

In return, I sent this one.

On the back, I wrote,
"Daisy had terrible nightmares the day after she read  The Metamorphosis. 
She vowed never to read Kafka again."

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Taco Tuesday - bath time already?

 Nope. It's nap time.
I was certain that Taco slept in the bathroom sink in the summer just to cool off, but now that it's winter...I can't give him any more excuses. 
He just likes to hang out in the sink.
Perhaps it is Taco-shaped.
But I don't think he even cares if the sink is Taco-shaped or not, because one time, I found him napping in the sink...on top of my hairbrush, which is decidedly not Taco-shaped.
I'd like to think that he takes a little time out from his hectic day of bird-watching and lap-lounging to sit here and meditate on the meaning of life.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taco Tuesday - brrrr!

Cuddle up, my darlings, because it's cold outside.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy 2014

With love from me & Taco.  Mostly me. Taco is terrible at drawing.