Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Taco Tuesday - toes

An ode to his weirdly large, chewed-upon toes.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

dog restaurant by Philippe Charron

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

Philippe has sent another amazing entry to be featured on the Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project.

The postage became part of the steam cloud over the cooking pot. (whoa.)

The canine chef is wearing Crocs, I think. Like any chef would.
(Don't expect this chef to be different just because he's a dog!)

I don't think it shows well in the photos, but the knife, stove, and inside the pot are all metallic silver. Nice.

And the back was not neglected.

This was well-executed and very clever.  :)
Thanks, Philippe!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Taco Tuesday - hungry

 You would think that Taco is starving all the time, if you tally up all the inedible things he eats.

Keep in mind that this is a partial list of what he's done recently. 
If we tally up his lifetime achievements, it would take all day.
 Rest in peace, sock. Seriously stop eating my socks!
 Rest in peace, Frankenball. At least until I patch you up again.
 Rest in peace, radish. This WAS a radish. I had made a giant green leaf at the top,
where there is now just a hole.
the shower curtain...what's left of it.
 I can't even guess what would possess him to eat the shower curtain. We definitely did not find enough pieces to account for all the holes.

He had a busy night, while we were sleeping.
 Oh, poor Sushi. Bit his tail fin clean off.
 Bunny doesn't remember this, but Taco gave him a lobotomy. Bunny had two ears before that.

 He had all of his toes, too, until one fateful day...
 Now we all know that on the inside, Taco is pure evil.
Why else give a bunny a lobotomy?

Monday, August 18, 2014

matchy matchy Monday - basil manicure

One way to come up with new ideas is to blend two of your already-existing obsessions.
In this case, I am obsessed with painting my nails...
and I am obsessed with basil. 

I like to grow basil, I like to multiply my basil plants by giving my plants a trim, sticking the trimmed bits in water, and making them grow new roots. And I like to cook with basil.

And pesto.
But who doesn't love pesto?
It's the secret ingredient in every fancy sandwich on the planet.

By the way, just made my first batch of mint-basil pesto last week and it was awesome sauce. Literally.

Really digging the two-tone nail polish trick, lately. My friend Kim did it a couple of weeks ago, with three color stripes (I think she had black/blue/teal), and it reminded me of a modified french manicure. So I started doing just the two colors together. It's pretty easy, and I'm happy that I don't require tape to help guide the diagonal line. I just do it freehand.

 Yep. So that's basil green.
I hope you're smelling basil-fresh, and HAPPY MONDAY!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friends and Faux - artistamps traveling the world on a postcard!

You might be familiar with a project called Friends and Faux.

If not, click that link and read all the particulars, because I'm giving you the fast version here!
I currently have two postcards. There are spaces on each postcard to add artistamps. I've already added mine, and now it's time for the next person to add their artistamp to the card and send it to the next person after that...
But I don't know who to send them to next!
So if you have made some artistamps and are itching to send them on a postal trip around the world, comment below and then e-mail me (chewytulip at g mail dot com) with your address so I can send it off to you!

Now, for lots and lots of pictures!

If you can't tell, my artistamps are the ones featuring...who else... TACO!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Taco Tuesday - expired of extreme cuteness

The tongue. is so. ridiculous.

Heard something outside. Phew! Now we know he's fine.

matchy matchy Monday - neon coral ink from Lamy...compared to a pink Sharpie

 Don't worry, guys. I'm not going to start doing ink reviews regularly here. Although I might write some stuff up in color if I think it matches something else.  :)
 The colors are totally off in these photos! Oh well. You sort of get the idea.

 Like any sane person who owns the neon coral Lamy fountain pen, I wanted to know how well their ink cartridge matched their pen.
It's a nice color of ink, but it doesn't have the same "glow" that the pen does.
On the other hand, I am pretty sure that for the ink to glow, it would fluoresce under black light, and at that point it is pretty much a highlighter ink. And probably really difficult to read.
So I guess they did as well as they could without actually making an unreadable highlighter ink.  :P
(So difficult to please people who love bright colors.)
Someday soon, I'm going to try some other inks to see if I can find a happier match for this pen.
(Diamine Coral and Diamine Flamingo Pink are on my list of possibilities.)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

matchy matchy monday - orange crush

 Taco is such a darling. Look at him, posing next to and on top of a bunch of orange stuff.
Did I ever tell you I got the fabric for the curtain in Hawaii? No? Well, I'm telling you now. Stuff totally tells a story.
Bonus matching colors: Taco's eyes match the color of the walls. Not that that's why we live here or anything...but that's totally why.
Sriracha flavored peanuts: not really a healthy color for my peanuts to be. Oh well.
In the middle, the best pen case I ever bought. It can stand up by itself! Like a pen cup! It's great for traveling with my technical pen, which needs to be stored nib up. (Otherwise it'll clog. Ew.)
And finally, my sweetiepiepumpkinmuffinface's calculator. It's orange. He's in love with it, I think. I am pretty sure he bragged about it at work, when it was new.

Have you ever bragged about how cool your calculator is?