Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Taco Tuesday - the spoiled rotten edition

Taco gets all the toys, this year.
I tallied up all the toys we are giving to him, and do you want to know that number?
I'll give you a hint.
It's completely ridiculous.
Taco is getting 156 toys.

A gross of ping pong balls, and a dozen plush monsters.
By the way, a ping pong ball is the perfect cat toy. He can't eat it, it's impossible to break, so the only thing he can do is hide it. 
But with 144 of them, his hiding spots are going to get pretty full.

Here are the crazy cat-people thoughts that we have: if we buy a few more sets of 144 table tennis balls, we could have a legit kitty ball pit in a box.

It's only a couple hundred more balls, really.

Alas, Taco showed no interest in the pit. I tossed some other toys in there for him to fetch them, and he was shy about diving in. He just fished around for it with his paw, instead.

So, if you want to treat your cat to a good time, I recommend a ping pong ball in the bathtub. Close the curtain, and let your feline wear himself out chasing a ball that won't quit bouncing.
Taco has been doing this for about an hour every night.

Happy winter solstice! Merry Christmas Eve eve! Happy holidays! And happy new year! (Just in case I'm too busy partying to blog until 2015!)

Monday, December 22, 2014

A mail art call from uncustomary art

Go here to learn the details.

They're asking for mail on the theme "what's your view?"

And now it is time for a gratuitous cat picture.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

nails and mail

Philippe, who you all know from his Anthropomorphic Mail Art submissions, has sent me a very funny piece of mail celebrating my many shades of nail polish.

As you can see, we match.