Saturday, March 19, 2011

outgoing postcard & letter

Dear Capital One,
You may have noticed by now that I've replied to your offers of credit THREE times, without managing to fill out the application even once. How long can we play these little games? As long as you continue to send me offers, I will continue to utilize your business reply envelopes.
Much love & little credit,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sock puppet family

My boyfriend is really intent upon making lots of sock puppets.
These are my plans.
Actually, the one with a long, stringy mustache is already a reality.

beach ball

That beach ball says it's high time for summer!

don't play with matches, please

salt shaker or alien?

You can be the judge.

frilly pooch

My neighbors had toy poodles when I was growing up, and they really do look a bit frilly.
It's the curls.

wrinkled pooch

It seemed like everyone was out walking their dogs that day.

the raptor trust

If you can find a raptor trust near you, DO IT!
Owls and all kinds of birds of prey that you normally wouldn't catch a glimpse of might be there.
I heard there's one in the Hudson Valley in NY.
The one I went to is near the Great Swamp in NJ.

outgoing postcards

I know at least some of you are nosy like I am and probably want to see some specific postal correspondence. :)
As a side note, if the address is showing it's only because it is posted publicly on the internet...

grim reaper

Thursday, March 10, 2011

more business reply mail

This time I wrote a little note on a card, telling them to check out my blog if they enjoyed the envelope. Ha.

flamingo lovers unite!

I recently had a custom order request through my etsy shop for flamingo postcards, so this is the result.
I really like drawing flamingos.
Especially with cat's-eye glasses.

stargazing printmaking postcard swap

Another swap on - here's what I made. I block printed a squirrel and a tree and some star-burst-like shapes, and then colored it all in...
with sharpies and drawing inks.

lime green fingerless gloves plus worms

They are done! I finished those lime green hand warmers, sold them, mailed them away, and am awaiting this 8 year old's opinion of them. I hear he's a very discerning customer, so I hope he likes them.

I'm going to fake a patchwork design. Not really. Painting it got it out of my system.

This is what my palette looks like when I'm using watercolors. What a mess. And yes, you CAN see dust in it. It just adds some texture. :P

There's another textile design in the works. It really is too bad that no one's buying original designs anymore, or I'd be rich. (Actually, I bet anything I'd spend it all on paint, somehow.)

ghost squid

I LOVE drawing with ink.

floating eyeballs - mustache - hairnet

A mustache and a hairnet go together well.
What is the facial-hair equivalent of a hairnet? Is there one?

What am I doing with my life?

You're looking woeful, dude. Cheer up. You're surrounded by stripes!

intense doodling with a technical pen

completely useless rainbow raindrop

design sketch

Sometimes, things just happen in my sketchbook. I have already carved this motif, and then I thought I'd print it, and then I drew all over it, and then I took a photo of it and put it back into Photoshop, to be digitally printed at a later date.
I bet you thought all digital artwork was stolen. From the internet. Surprise!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

boy doll

I gave him some VERY rosy cheeks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

design sketchiness

probably destined to be a textile at a future date

Thursday, March 3, 2011

brilliant idea - business reply mail

I'm just saying that if you send me a postage-paid envelope, you are DEFINITELY going to get something in the mail. Even if you don't want it.
For a bit, I thought I should just send the envelopes with nothing in them, then I thought I might add a business card, then I decided to write a note on the back of my card to whoever opens it.
Because, well, I know that if you are working in the mail room at a company, you probably aren't getting anything pretty ... or interesting.
Now at least two people have had funny mail days at work!
And oh yeah, I'm advertising to the companies that think I'm going to use their credit cards. HA!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

racing postcards

These are two postcards that I sent out through swap-bot...
I block printed them and colored in with markers to add some more color.