Tuesday, July 14, 2015

woodsy walk in Vermont

 One lady keeps chickens in her yard.  I really love this chicken guillotine shot that I made mr. chewytulip take for me. That chicken certainly wasn't going to wait around for me to take a photo.
 Went on a hike and found the most adorable mushroom, ever. So round. So orange. So tiny.
 I don't know why there was a pushpin stuck in the tree. But there's a tiny red bug on the pin.
I like the pattern on this leaf.
 Took a bridge pic from another bridge. It's a a Vermont thing.
 This plant is obviously out of control.
 I didn't find my cat here.
 Borrowed my sister's dog for the walk.
Was greatly disturbed/intrigued by this shiny rainbow slime on tree bark. I don't want to know. (But I do.)

a book on self love

Hey guys!
My friend is publishing a book on the topic of self-love.
But she needs some help to get it published, so here is the project on kickstarter.

Why I want to help:
1. I like books.
2. I like Mary.
3. I like when people dream big.
4. Self love is pretty important, and you can always get better at it.
5. You can get a reward with just a $2 donation, which is very accessible.
6. Mary is a cool lady and I think what she has to say is valuable.
7. Taco told me to. He owes Bug a favor.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

summer update

It's been a pretty good summer, so far.
Suffered one broken finger (not mine, the Significant Other's - and no, I did not break it for him. In case you were wondering. A basketball was the culprit.)

Had a strawberry bonanza.
There's a strawberry farm down the street. It's just as awesome as having an ice cream place across the street. :)

The tiger lilies are in bloom. I've taken oodles of flower photos this season, which makes me happy.

Found these striped beauties in a flower basket outside of a store front. I dig the stripes.

If you grow flowers in your front yard, chances are you'll find me loitering there, camera in hand, possibly making creepy faces towards your windows.
Sorry, in advance.