Tuesday, September 30, 2014

owl body by Philippe Charron

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

 Just a transparent owl dude taking his tiny polar bear for a walk...

I really like weird scientific illustrations of anatomy, so it was nice to see the circulatory system in all its glory here.

Many thanks, Philippe!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

mounted heads by Philippe Charron

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

 I imagine that these are the finest silk purple pajamas. I'm a little jealous.

 With matching slippers, of course.
 The dog has a dream!
 I love how Philippe integrated his signature.
 This is quite a collection of mounted heads.

 A helpful hint.
And postage with creatures that sport antlers!

Another awesome piece from Philippe - merci beaucoup, Philippe!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Taco Tuesday - rainbow caterpillar

As cat-parents, we did a terrible thing.
We bought Taco a new toy.

 What we didn't know, however, was that Taco would find his new toy to be terrifying.
He ran from the room last night, whenever we'd pick up this innocuous-looking beast.
Usually, a toy on a string on a stick is a winning combination for Taco. But not this time.
{I think it looks a little bit too much like a snake - obviously not in color - but in shape.  Maybe his little kitty brain is being fooled the same way ours is hardwired to recognize perceived threats faster than usual. Did you know that if you see something that sort of resembles a snake (like a stick on the ground), your brain throws that signal on a fast track, and you react faster? If you've ever jumped at something that you saw out of the corner of your eye before you could really see what it was, then you've felt it.}
 So, this afternoon, I tried to make this toy a little less scary for him.
 Left it alone on a chair.

 And presented just the enticing antennae.

I think it worked. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

matchy matchy Monday - green and a little boring

I will admit, this is a bit boring, even for a matchy matchy Monday.
I just grabbed anything at hand that qualified as green: two colored pencils, one green ballpoint pen (that I suspect was stolen from a local bank), one coaster, and a package of wasabi green peas, which do not pack the wasabi punch I was expecting.
On the other hand, it does not hurt to eat them. 
(I expect  wasabi-covered things to hurt for just a second.)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

jaguar general by Philippe Charron

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

I've got another terrific piece from Philippe to share with you today!

 The Jaguar General has a little friend perching on his shoulder!
 And a funny hat. And medals.
 This little kitten has no respect for his dress uniform.
 Those are some fancy furs. I like the ribbon tied to his tail. :) And the striped socks!
The rest of the trimmed postage stamp is on the back of the envelope.

Many thanks to Philippe, again, for another unbelievable piece of mail art.

We made a stop motion animation with play doh

...because that's what we do on a Friday night.
(Probably why I married him.)

So, we made a little background (of SPACE!) out of black cardstock, and I drew some stars on there.
We started without much of a plan.
Our "plan" was for me to sculpt a unicorn head out of a lump of Play Doh.
Everything after that was just creative momentum.

My only tip, other than using a tripod, is to try to set up so you won't need a flash...because there were a lot of frames that would have been captured faster if we didn't have to wait for the flash to charge.

Friday, September 12, 2014

home improvement gone terribly wrong - from Philippe Charron

 Don't mind the rhino.
 The stamp is framed! (It would be a nice print on the wall, too!)
 Seriously, ouch.

 I like the texture of the paint on his overalls...and shoes.

 Guess what came inside the envelope?

 A bandage. For the monkey's finger. I think he might need to visit the emergency room at the hospital, though. That much swelling can't be good.

Thank you again, Philippe, for another wonderfully amusing piece of mail art.

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

giraffe harpist by Philippe Charron

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

 The top of the harp is a STAMP! Bet you didn't see that coming.
 A teeny tiny bite was taken out of this bird stamp, so that it could perch on the harp.
 Some Mozart sheet music.

 Hey...tiny giraffe!
 The tiny giraffe was cut from this postage stamp.
 Can we just admire the craftsmanship of the bottom of this wooden harp?
 The harpist's dress wanders onto the back of the envelope.
And here we find the missing piece from the bird stamp.

Another thoughtful entry from Philippe Charron! Don't worry, there will be another tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Taco Tuesday - the yawn. And cat mail from Philippe Charron!

We'll start with the back of Philippe's mail art.
Nice. I love tigers.

The full view of the front...don't mind the rhino.
So many cats!
Look at all of those cat postage stamps! My favorite is the dude with a cat on his shoulder. 
(I need to teach Taco how to do that without scratching me!)
Oh. Hey, Taco. Are there birds outside the window again?
Holy guacamole!
I kind of hoped his face would freeze like this.
Sadly, it didn't.

{Prepare yourselves for a fun-filled week of blog posts about Philippe's entries for the Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project. I have a literal pile of them! And they're all awesome!}