Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sleeping cowboy & bamboo

me, and what I cannot be separated from: paint. ink.

self portrait

Oh, my self portraits are rare.
But that is exactly what my glasses look like. No comment as to the rest. :)

See no evil birds... Prison Library Project

OK, so this is what I sent to Postmarked 2011, which I found out about through a swap on Swap-bot...not that it's my primary source for information...just a really good one!
(They wanted donations of mail art to auction off in order to fund raise for prison libraries.)

Sometimes I wonder if the postcards I send out get to their destination. I'm not entirely sure if these guys got there, but I'll always have the pictures.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

gigantic postcard

It's a smidge bigger than 6" by 10" ...and I only remember that much because I had to consult the post office guidelines.
I made it for a swap-bot swap, back in April, as you can see by my scribblings at the bottom of the photo!

a big pile of outgoing mail

The green one is a block print that I did for a swap-bot swap.
The silvery one was for a friend. Guess why it's silvery? Yeah. DUCT TAPE!

more pretty flowers

pretty flowers

umbrellas, rainbows, rain boots

I was all ready to make a rain-themed textile design...and then I missed the deadline for the contest. Ha. I'll work on it for next time. :)

bear with a pet fox

just a growing owl

peacocks and waffles...mmm...

fuzzy lampshade, backpack, Chinese takeout

hypnotize a bird

traffic control for birds

a very silly bird from my sketchbook

business reply envelope

a geometric postcard

warning on the back of an envelope