Monday, May 16, 2011

if kawaii creatures turned into zombies...then I might like them.

birds & bunnies

technicolor clouds

sleeping dogs lie

I love watching the dogs sleep, especially when they are dreaming.
Not only do they twitch their feet, they also bark a little while still sleeping.
It's a small bark, like whispering is to shouting. It's cute.
Much cuter than when they are trying to scare the pants off a squirrel in the back yard.

sand dollar

What can I get for a sand dollar? Are there sand pennies?

"Success is on its way to you."

Dear Fortune cookie,
I loved your words.
I hope you are right.
I ate you anyway.

air swirls

I mistakenly thought that my magical white colored pencil would actually show up on top of a blue acrylic paint wash. Silly me. It's visible in person (just barely) but not at all in a photo.

So I added some red paint.

lucky bamboo

I'm not sure why I go back, again and again, to look at this page.
Might it be the rainbow wash in the background?
Whatever it is, I feel very peaceful and calm while viewing it.
It's a good drug.