Monday, April 27, 2015

red, red, red

Trying to stay warm by swaddling myself in red! 
And cat fur, of course.

Friday, April 24, 2015

cloud art

I like looking at clouds, and seeing what's there. 

Today I see an elephant wearing a monocle, tossing a squirrel to a bunny.

I have a theory that there is always a bunny in the clouds. Haven't been wrong yet!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

windy walk in the park

I was pretty excited to see growth of any kind on a tree. This looks soft, but it actually feels kind of bristle-y. That's right, I felt up a tree. It's that kind of walk.

Let's play a game. It's called "Spot the bird butt."

I wouldn't want you to miss out on how fabulous my nails, coat, and scarf look together.

Did a little light trespassing on what looks like a - oops, never mind. I'M INNOCENT.  What is this blue thing, anyway?

These look like they would make a successful improv comedy prop.

We also found a graveyard of snow plows. I guess they hang out here when it's not snowing.

fuzzy leaves

The wind was shaking this spiky plant so far back and forth, I'm surprised I got it in the frame, never mind somewhat in focus.

It looks more than a little bit like a tombstone, but it might just be because the lettering is oozing. Why is it doing that?

Lots of signs bossing me around. I paid them no mind.

crackly speed limit sign

The sun behind this cloud made it glow very brightly.  And there are some rainbow-y things going on at the edges of the cloud.

Happy adventuring, friends!

dyed eggs

You know what?
I've decided that dyeing eggs can be for any holiday I feel like dyeing eggs for.
Like Halloween (I'll make them orange, green, purple, and black) or Independence day (red/white/blue) or my birthday (rainbow...duh).

Behold the beauty of melted wax and food dye!

After I was done, I realized I could have melted glitter crayons onto them. Next time! :)

P.S. This is obviously not a tutorial, BUT right after you boil (or bake) the eggs, while they're too hot to touch, you can draw on them with a crayon and it will melt right onto the egg. You can use it like a wax resist to dye, or just have fun with the crayons.
P.P.S. Seriously, don't burn yourself. Oven mitts are your friends!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Taco cleans up

We've got a little bit of a moth issue, so it's not uncommon for me to squish one on the wall, and then run off to find something to wipe it off with.
This time, though, Taco beat me to it.
He licked a dead moth off the wall. 

Yeah, that's the face he makes after tasting a moth carcass. 
He looks a little surprised, to me.