Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I always promise rainbows and unicorns

Yeah...of COURSE I made this one into a postcard.

black and white garden scene

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at what happens in my sketchbook BEFORE I cover it in paint.

cool grizzly owl confusion

I'm always the cool one. It's settled. :)

No, actually it won't...bird

And thank goodness it didn't.
Sometimes if you have to work reallllllllly hard for might turn out that it wasn't what you wanted, after all. It's good to let go.

okay, bird

screen printing ideas and recycling

apathetic bird head dress

I was disgruntled that month. There are more birds to follow up on this.

bird postcard

hand carved block prints
with some hand drawn lines thrown in for good measure

I'm pretty sure I did this for a printmaking swap I hosted on swap-bot.

Ami's working on her sad face again

creatures of the night

card games gone awry


I like the cocoa-dusted ones better than the cinnamon ones. Just sayin'.

snake plant

low tech ways to keep me entertained before the sun goes down

New Jersey natural disasters 2011