Saturday, October 8, 2011

smoking unicorn

I'm pretty sure most chain-smoking unicorns would rather be leaping over rainbows.
Just a guess.

(I think I'm going to turn this one into a postcard! Good idea, yeah?)

sheep! baaaah!

scotties and a dog toy

the inside cover of a fresh sketchbook!

It's an exciting time.
I can stuff it with whatever I like.
I even stuck some space-age stamps in the cover.

fluorescent business replies

another gutwrench postcard subscription reply

I was supposed to illustrate a "before" and "after"
...although if I still had this postcard in hand, I think I would stab a few holes through the "after" section. Just sayin' ... sometimes things change. :)

all up in

Repetition! Patterns! Marker-y-goodness!