Sunday, February 13, 2011

don't you wish your mail was this awesome?

Here are some valentine-containing envelopes that I sent out this year.


I know, I know. Not all librarians look like this.
But if you live where I live, I think it's a requirement to be over 65 and hard-of-hearing if you work at a library. (With the exception of one younger woman who works at the one in town.)
And several of them are *very* cranky if you have any overdue fines.
Which I often do. Hehe.

dude, up close & personal

blue swan says black swan is crazy

pretty lady 3

I think she likes to dance.

pretty lady... ?

pretty lady 2

pretty lady 1

super squiggle

It's not a mullet.

block printing and drawing

Happy Valentine's Day, old people!

I sent in 21 Valentine's Day cards to a project called "Special Delivery."
They bring cards to people who receive meals on wheels.
They are all screen printed and hand written! And they're HOT PINK!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

gutwrench postcard subscription

I really love this subscription.
This month, it became an interactive subscription.
Basically, her question was this: How do you get through tough times?
Your answer is supposed to go on the flip side of the folded-over bit from her postcard.

So here's what I did...and I promise I'll send it back, too!

I bet you want your own subscription from gutwrench, now, right?
Go here:

Or, if you're looking to subscribe to my own art cards, go here:

intricate doodling #3

intricate doodling #2

intricate doodling #1