Friday, December 28, 2012

...and now I can make skirts!

I've been hesitating to put clothing that I make up on my Etsy shop.

I think it's because it's really hard to model and photograph at the same time...
and I really didn't want to model.

But there I am.
On the internet.
For everyone to see.
I suppose I can't keep all my secrets forever - I sort of enjoy being a bit anonymous - but I do feel a little bit better about modeling my skirts when I can keep my face completely hidden.
(It's not hideous, I just can't control the expression on my face!)
Right when I took this photo (self-timer, I've never loved you more than right now) my face was saying, "Holy mackeral! I'm tired of putting on skirts and running around, pushing buttons, sitting still, and pretending to fix my hair!"

Instead, the viewer thinks I am just enjoying a good book.

And you know what? I DO love that book.  But I certainly wasn't reading then - I was just listening for the faint click so that I knew the photograph had been taken.

Maybe it's acting skills that I lack.  :)

craft fair

Way back on December first, I went to a craft fair up the street from where I live.
But when I say I "went" ... I really mean that I sold my wares.
The first photo shows my table at the fair.
And when I say "up the street" ... I mean I just walked there with my suitcase full of scarves and postcards.

Pretty cool, huh?
My favorite silk scarf that I made is the red - orange- yellow- ultramarine blue chevron striped one in the photo.  I was surprised no one bought it that day!