Thursday, April 29, 2010

just think of where you are

Some one posted on Alchemy, on Etsy, a site for handmade things, that she would like to make a trade. Below are some specific things she DOES NOT WANT.

"Items I'm not interested in at the moment:
Jewellery (because I make two different lines)
Soaps, creams, and lip balms
Art ie; painting, sculpture
crafty, or rustic looking items"

(Thinks to self: "I know. I will go on Etsy, the super-craftiest place on the web, and ask for things that are specifically NOT crafty." GENIUS!)

As a side note, I finally visited and I laughed SO HARD that I cried. I hope to do it again sometime. I may have to buy her book.
On her blog, she just tears apart stupid crafts and stupid crafters. I kind of want to make really awful things on purpose so that she'll find me and be inspired. Twisted, I know.

I occasionally vent my displeasure on facebook, but this is a nice, formal blog of hilarity.

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