Friday, April 29, 2011

creepy uncle

Well, he's not *that* creepy.
But he does have a penchant for saying things that don't need to be said out loud.

At a recent holiday gathering, he said to me, "I'm not used to seeing you in a dress. You've got legs!"

He sounded both surprised and pleased, but I'm not sure how this benefits him in any way.

I replied, "Most people do."

It just makes me wonder what makes people SAY things.
Was he just shocked that I looked good? (Usually he just makes fun of my "artsy" outfits.)
Did he think I needed a self-esteem-booster? (No, thanks.)
Was it in any way helpful? (Nope.)

Let's ignore the weird family vibes and look at a pretty photo of a rainbow of envelopes, instead. I painted them the other day, and couldn't resist piling them up and taking a picture. Man, I love rainbows.

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