Thursday, July 21, 2011

mailbox mystery!

I have a real, true mailbox mystery on my hands!
I found this cute little note, folded and torn up in my mailbox this morning. There was no envelope, no postage, no address. The outside simply says, in blue crayon, "To Steph."
It wasn't even sitting on top of the regular mail, but just in front of it, like a quickly tossed afterthought. Having seen the mail truck go by today, I know she barely paused at the box...the whole transaction took less than a second.
(Not that I wait for the mail truck every day...but I do know the sound of the engine!)
I don't know who Stephanie is...but I'm glad to see she was so good to Miss Unknown.
Do you think the mail lady thought I would enjoy it, since there are so many weird things leaving and arriving from this mailbox? Or did the young sender hand deliver it to the wrong house? There really aren't that many young kids in the neighborhood.

I am enjoying the mystery. I wonder what Stephanie did!

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