Sunday, October 21, 2012

hexaflexagons inexplicable obsession

First, I will explain this photo.  It was my friend's birthday, and I made her a TEENY TINY BANNER that made me squeal with glee.
I love things in miniature.
I have no idea if it affected her in the same way, but at least I tried.  Some of her favorite colors are purple and silver.
Yeah. Silver. Made it all shiny, didn't I?  I'm surprised at how well a crayola colored pencil works, sometimes.
(And, oh yeah, made some brownies with dark chocolate icing. Drool. It was drool-worthy.)

And now, on to the secret topic of this post: the hexaflexagon.

Here's a video to explain all the ridiculous I can't even contemplate.

This woman makes my brain pound with the possibilities, which dissipate harmlessly into the night, usually, because I'm not even sure what to do with these thoughts.

It's all math & geometry & then UNEXPECTED TWIST OF DOODLES EVERYWHERE - and I don't know if you guys were like me in high school, but I definitely did my my fair share of doodling during my math classes.

It's good.  I promise.  Watch this video, then hexaflex your life away.
Also, check out the poster's other videos about doodling.  They're fun. She's all "Fibonacci series makes your pine cone drawings look real!"  Not that you were worried about your pine cone drawings.
But I was.
I just didn't want to say anything until I knew how to help.


  1. Brownieeeeeeeeees!!!!! I love miniature things too! My goal for next month is to make a miniature doll of myself. I'm not sure how I'm gonna make the glasses. I was thinking cardboard but we shall see how it goes!
    I wrote you a letter a couple of days ago! Yippeeee! I will mail it on monday! Have a happy halloween! Hugs and skullbones! Xxx A-M

    1. Awesome! Maybe wire - like bendy jewelry-making wire - might work out for tiny glasses.
      I received your postcard yesterday & I was surprised it got here so fast! :) I like where you are going with paint-splashy things.