Monday, February 18, 2013

a love letter to ink

The Goulets - over at
are having a contest revolving around love letters.

I've got a weakness for love letters, and so I entered.
Basically, you just had to explain what it is that you love about fountain pens, or paper, or something else related to the use of fountain pens.

Here's the contest:

Anyway, here's what I sent in.

Of course, I continued on to the back.

And I packaged it prettily.

Recognize the block print? It's my own  stationery.

And, because we are all so starved for photographs of mail (haha, I KNOW, that's all I look at in the blog world!)
they've even posted a picture of their entries so far.

Mine isn't there yet, which is good, because it would have upset the balance of that very nice photograph.

Dear Ink,
I love you.

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