Monday, March 4, 2013

Well, name it, then.

Uncustomary - honestly, I *just* got your screen name this instant.  That is hilarious.

But anyway, I wanted to reply to your name post a little more fully over here.

You had asked if you know any songs with your name in them - which I'd be inclined to say "no" to, only there is a song that someone else fervently believed included my name.

"Sweet Caroline" is a song that my middle-school gym teacher used to sing to me in the hallways before class started.
I objected simply because I pronounce my name differently.  Also, I had a nickname and no one called me by my full name at the time, so most of my classmates were terribly confused about why he was singing this song. 
I also had to willfully ignore the super-duper creepiness of the undertone of this song, which I suppose was compounded by the fact that none of my classmates understood that he was singing it to me. 
Dude. I was, like, twelve.
So we all just thought he was crazy, like the rest of our teachers - one of whom would occasionally parade down the hallways playing a bagpipe at full blast.

I'm starting to think that my middle school was a pretty fun place.


  1. Found your blog, haha. I lost the URL in the masses. Yay! Love the post. Glad it was thought provoking even if that's a strange memory, haha. And yay for aliases!