Sunday, March 16, 2014

mouseketeers (please don't sue me, Disney)

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

Apparently I was in a rush to send this one out, because I didn't enter him in my little book.

But that's all right, since I kept photographic evidence of the note on the back.
Actually, I think I might like snapping a photo of the flip side even better than typing it up, later.  Or I'm very lazy.  But really, I do still love snapshots of handwriting.

And I also wanted to brag just a little bit about some new-to-me stamps I just got.  They're 34 cents, which is the current postcard rate, and there are 50 different designs, one for each state, in the style of the classic postcards that start out with "Greeting from..."
They're bright and fun for my eyeballs. (I like them more than the new hummingbird stamps!)
If you are mystified about where old but unused postage comes from, check out ebay. This one was a pretty good deal, because I am pretty adamant about not paying a whole lot more than face value.  Starving artists have to keep track of their cash, after all.


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  1. COOL! I will have to look around. A wonderful friend who designs his own stamps for art reasons told me about your site.