Monday, June 30, 2014

matchy matchy Monday: blue or green or aquamarine

I really like colors. So I decided to round up things I have that I think match nicely.
(This may or may not become a regular feature...)

And take a picture to share, of course.

I was writing a letter to a friend when I noticed that my nail polish pretty well matched the ink color I was writing with. 
Can't imagine how that would happen.
I was writing with the color "soft mint" by Diamine.  It's my favorite shade in between blue and green. I feel like the name doesn't really hint at this color. And the bottle completely obscures the color of ink inside.

My nails were done with two coats of "East Village" by New York Color, followed by a layer of glittery goodness known as "Hypnautical" by Sally Hansen.  That glittery layer really doesn't show up well on paper at all, but it packs a glitter-filled punch when applied to fingernails properly (lavishly).

And I still want the job where you get to name colors with ridiculous phrases.
I will always want that job.


  1. Such pretty colors! Very mermaid-y!
    I also want the job of naming things with ridiculous phrases ^__^

  2. Yes good. And these are DEFINITELY very mermaidy.