Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Taco Tuesday - the yawn. And cat mail from Philippe Charron!

We'll start with the back of Philippe's mail art.
Nice. I love tigers.

The full view of the front...don't mind the rhino.
So many cats!
Look at all of those cat postage stamps! My favorite is the dude with a cat on his shoulder. 
(I need to teach Taco how to do that without scratching me!)
Oh. Hey, Taco. Are there birds outside the window again?
Holy guacamole!
I kind of hoped his face would freeze like this.
Sadly, it didn't.

{Prepare yourselves for a fun-filled week of blog posts about Philippe's entries for the Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project. I have a literal pile of them! And they're all awesome!}


  1. Such lovely mail! Cat yawns are the best yawns, especially at the beginning and end. ^-^

  2. Philippe's envelope is pretty sensational! As is Taco's yawn!

  3. I love the job of Philippe Charron.