Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ink and ice cream ... the zine

I started a new zine and it's about how much I love fountain pens and ink.
Probably no one will read it, except maybe my fountain pen pals, and that's okay.
How much of an intersection between the worlds of fountain pen lovers and zine lovers could there be?
(It might be just me.)

Here's a picture of part of the first issue. I decided on a letter size flat zine format, with a stapled-in sample of some scribbles done with the featured ink. Each issue will feature a different ink, and I'll have to stop making them when I run out of different inks to showcase. Hah. As if that would ever happen!
Assuming that I (someday) buy all the bottles of ink I plan to acquire, I can always buy or swap ink samples to continue featuring new inks. So, yeah, I have a plan for that, even though it will be years before I actually have to deal with it.
Anyway -HOORAY - I made a thing!
Happy October!

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