Sunday, November 30, 2014

hordes of gourds

Way back in October, to celebrate my birthday we went to a corn maze (which we got totally lost in) and since that maze was at a farm, there were great piles of beautiful things for me to take photos of.
Namely, great big piles of gourds.

I thought I'd share them before winter "really" hits.
(Although ten inches of snow seems to indicate the arrival of winter, I'm just going to pretend that was a fluke until the Winter Solstice.)

On a completely different subject, if you like to write letters (or anything) on blank paper, but have some trouble keeping your lines of text straight, hop on over to The Well Appointed Desk because she's got some awesome (and free) downloadable/printable line guides.  My favorite one is the 10 mm line, because my handwriting is huge and only gets bigger if I don't try to keep it on a line.  :)

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  1. God, I love gourds. It seems like so long ago that it was truly Autumn even though we've got another ten days until the actual solstice. But there's snow in my front yard, Cara! SNOW!

    Uncustomary Art.