Saturday, April 4, 2015

dyed eggs

You know what?
I've decided that dyeing eggs can be for any holiday I feel like dyeing eggs for.
Like Halloween (I'll make them orange, green, purple, and black) or Independence day (red/white/blue) or my birthday (rainbow...duh).

Behold the beauty of melted wax and food dye!

After I was done, I realized I could have melted glitter crayons onto them. Next time! :)

P.S. This is obviously not a tutorial, BUT right after you boil (or bake) the eggs, while they're too hot to touch, you can draw on them with a crayon and it will melt right onto the egg. You can use it like a wax resist to dye, or just have fun with the crayons.
P.P.S. Seriously, don't burn yourself. Oven mitts are your friends!

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