Tuesday, July 14, 2015

woodsy walk in Vermont

 One lady keeps chickens in her yard.  I really love this chicken guillotine shot that I made mr. chewytulip take for me. That chicken certainly wasn't going to wait around for me to take a photo.
 Went on a hike and found the most adorable mushroom, ever. So round. So orange. So tiny.
 I don't know why there was a pushpin stuck in the tree. But there's a tiny red bug on the pin.
I like the pattern on this leaf.
 Took a bridge pic from another bridge. It's a a Vermont thing.
 This plant is obviously out of control.
 I didn't find my cat here.
 Borrowed my sister's dog for the walk.
Was greatly disturbed/intrigued by this shiny rainbow slime on tree bark. I don't want to know. (But I do.)

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