Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday night venting...come for the art, stay for the tirade!

Some people are dumb. Like, really, dangerously dumb. Let me make a report for you with links.

First, there's this article about how the anti-vaxxers are "winning" and trumplestiltskin should be nominated for sainthood.

Don't worry, it's just some blog, not really an article. There were some amazing things in there, though - highlights include the fact that "The View" is where Democrats get their information from. 😆 I can't even. 

Then, the comments section. A few woo-hoos in agreement, a surprising argument from Natalie, saying that we need to convince the other side and unite, and then KARMA. An actual dude named Karma, who basically called all liberals "sub-human" and stated the need to cage 'em up. Hooray. I love a good argument for dehumanizing a whole group of people. So I clicked on his name, which led me to his site.

This is where he sells books and CDs with titles like, "Cancer? So What?" And I can only guess that Karma himself has killed more people with terrible medical advice than have ever died from vaccines. 

I hope regular karma comes for Karma.

And because I'm basically never going to fix the links so that they'll work, here's a screen shot of Karma's comment.

A phrase I really love in juxtaposition with his message is "blessed be." 
Anyway. That's my vent for the night.
Goodnight, and please know that not everybody out there is quite that mean or scientifically illiterate.

Science is real. 
Vaccines don't kill your children.
We're going to get through this.
The truth is out there. (You're allowed to binge watch the X-files until your palate is cleansed.)


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  8. You're allowed to binge watch the X-files until your palate is cleansed.