Monday, April 29, 2013

five stamps gets you across the Atlantic

I had a recent realization that my two ounce, letter-sized envelopes could cross the Atlantic Ocean with five first class stamps.

So, of course I had to use five different stamps.

And then.......
I thought I should start putting my recycling tips on the back of each envelope.

I recycle 6" by 9" envelopes when I can, but hardly any one sends me mail in that size.
So I feel a little bit like a hypocrite, sending out these brand-new envelopes with tips for recycling on the back, but, hey...if it gets that particular envelope recycled and re-used, then it worked.

I think the post office probably dislikes my re-use of envelopes, but they usually have to slap on a sticker strip for the sorting barcode on the manila envelopes, anyway.  And those peel off really easily.
I like peeling those stickers off.
 Makes me feel accomplished, or skilled. 
Or maybe I just like things that peel easily, like clementines or hard-boiled eggs, or pistachios...when they're easy to crack open, anyway.

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