Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taco Tuesday...he's not that innocent

Taco, it turns out, is a furry little thief.

I knew he had a stockpile of bottle caps under the fridge, but I had no idea he was hiding all of these other things!

Under the fridge, we found:
31 bottle caps
5 cat toys (Taco, you're allowed to hide your toys if you want to)
2 writing instruments
2 lip balms (nooooooooo, not my precioussssssss)
a clothespin
a ring
a rubber cork

...for a total of 44 things under the fridge.  I had been looking for that marker! I had wondered where my ring went!

I still need to know where else he is stashing his toys - there are at least ten of them still missing in action.


  1. I LOVE it, hahaha. My cat had a hiding spot in the back corner under a loveseat. He was hoarding a large collection, but my favorite was individual Rolodex cards!

    1. I hope Taco never learns to steal papers! That's a stationery-maker's disaster waiting to happen!