Friday, May 19, 2017

new watercolor set

There's nothing quite like a new art supply "high."

They're called "confections" and they do have a candy-like appeal for the rabid art supply collector. Hoarder.

Half un wrapped.

It comes with this cute little perfectly-palette-sized cheat sheet for you to fill in, and all the pans are numbered, but...this is not the order of colors I would choose. So I'll be scrambling them later, and probably trying to cram in some extra half pans in the center section. Eventually I'll flip over that perfect little card and fill in the map for the final resting place of each color.

Are they really artist-grade? I don't know. They were inexpensive, and I bet they'll fade with too much light exposure. But they feel nice while I'm working with I'll get the "pastel" color palette when it goes on sale. Ha.

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