Tuesday, May 2, 2017

write on in April

I made an honest woman out of myself, and actually purchased a write_on kit from Egg Press and Hello Lucky this year. 
It is pretty fabulous, but I am a sucker for letterpress and designs about postage and designs involving hands. So. I might be biased. ;)

I didn't quite manage to mail 30 letters in the 30 days of April, but I got close (high twenties?), and I've been in a bit of a mail art slump, so even that was impressive, to me.

Here you can judge for yourself the beautiful write_on cards from their kit.

My mail art has been a little lazy lately - I've just been making the addresses big and bold, and then doing some lettering on the back.

I got into this weird-for-me color palette of blush, goldenrod, hint of umber, and lime peel. 
And turquoise goes with everything, right? I use it like a neutral. Since it is basically the color of the sky, and nobody says, "hey, you really clash with the sky today." 
Or maybe they do say that. I've never met anybody that mean. :p

I'm also enjoying pairing postage stamps with envelope colors. Or....maybe I just like yellow. ;)


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