Sunday, June 30, 2013

bearcat. catbear. anthropo-map.

Another entry for the Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

This one is from a science-loving friend.

She writes that the Bearcat is a new hybrid pet created at her research facility.
The Bearcat is small, yet fierce - just like their lead scientist!

(Is this the animal version of you? Did you ever read "The Golden Compass"? The Bearcat would totally be your daemon.)

I replied with what I claimed to be an earlier, if more apathetic version of the bearcat.

See? Easy as pie. Mail a silly card, and ye shall receive a silly card.


  1. wow. that is awesome! i just finished my anthropomorph postcard last night. will be mailing it tomorrow along with some other nifty bits and bobs! xxx mail me some more of those animal head cards and i'll make some more for your twisted mad scientist collection! <3

  2. YES! I love it! I got it today, and will be blogging about it soon. (And I'll totally send you more animal head cards!)