Friday, July 12, 2013

anthropomorphic mail art meets Father's Day with a bit of the banana obsession thrown in for good measure

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!!!!

I could not resist turning the Father's Day card into another anthropomorphic abomination.

Taco was a willing accomplice (I mean, napper).

Actually, I made the whole Father's Day gift-thing themed with bananas.
A "nana-clip" started the whole thing.
Then I baked some banana-chocolate chip muffins...which were surprisingly not awful, even though I don't like bananas in my baked goods.  I blame it on the chocolate.

I included one of my postcards...which is a banana, sort of.

And this card! It's a warning!

While I'm talking about bananas, I want to say HOW MUCH I want to run out and buy this for my tiny nephew. 
How cute is that?

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