Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy December!

On the first day of the new month, I kicked into high gear for the holidays.
It's time to craft it up!

...Or in any case, it was definitely time to start making gift tags. 
Which I did.

In serious abundance.

How cute is this mix tape gift tag? SO CUTE.  I got it from the Yellow Owl Workshop, which is so full of adorable that it makes my eyes cross.

In the interest of giving, I'll be including these free gift tags with any orders at my shop this month.

My mom always managed to get to Christmas Eve without having wrapped anything, and she'd be in a panic about not having any gift tags at midnight. So this is definitely inspired by her.  :P

You can pick whether you'd like the Christmas ornament, or the all-occasion mix tape by leaving me a note during checkout. 
And if you don't say anything, then I get to pick! MUHAHAHA!

Have a Happy Everything!


  1. Those mix tape tags are the best thing.

    1. I've pretty much been trying to print them on anything that stands still long enough. :)

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