Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taco Tuesday - how to give a cat a psychological complex

It started as a joke...for the humans.
Anytime Taco was being bad (and that was often while he was a kitten)
we'd just use the remote control to flip the lights on and off.
It wasn't all that ominous until we also started saying things, like, The fan knows. The fan watches all.
There may have been some ghostly woo-woo-ing.
Everything is better with sound effects.
Maaaaaaaaaaybe we kicked it up a notch by switching the ceiling fan on, or up to a higher speed.

We didn't think all of our efforts did much except, perhaps, distract him from naughtiness, like stealing papers or chewing cords or what-have-you.

But then I started to notice that anytime there was a loud noise - construction from next door, a thump, truck traffic from outside - Taco would exit the room very swiftly.  Or, if I was holding him at the time, he'd twist and turn and struggle to get away.  By the time he got to the floor, the offending noise would be over.  Then he'd either glare accusingly up at the fan (obviously only when he's feeling cheeky) or stare up in fear, and sort of slink out of the room.

Now, pretty much anytime he's startled, he'll visually check on the fan while taking cover.  Sometimes being under the coffee table is enough "cover".  Sometimes he has to leave the room.
I have, on rare occasions, seen him belly-crawl across the room, as if to escape the notice of the fan.
But only in the summer, when the fan is actually moving.  That's when the threat of the fan weighs most heavily on his little kitty brain.
Taco is terrified of the ceiling fan.

 I feel a little bit guilty about giving him a complex...but I have to admit...I also feel a little bit accomplished.

So, remember, kids, be good, not because Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice,

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