Thursday, December 5, 2013

self-love through selfies

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And if I behold me, what do I see?

Well, me, obviously.
And Fangtooth, that's my shark puppet.

Sometimes I need a partner in crime for my selfies.  A little furry encouragement, if you will.

I actually don't like taking selfies all that much.  They make me feel very self-conscious.  And I know that I have to take about 50 billion before I get one that looks okay enough to show people.  That's a lot of editing, man.

But you know what I do like? Drawing. Taking pictures.  And it doesn't matter so much if they come out well (hence the 50 billion deleted selfies) because I enjoy the process.

Yeah, I hardly ever draw people or photograph portraits.  Usually I capture things...or just Taco.
But sometimes I run out of steam, creatively, and self-portraits are a really good exercise when you run out of subject matter.
Plus, you get to enjoy all that spotlight intensity without any stage's just you, after all.

I had a mirror, watercolor pencils, and some time to kill.

It's totally okay to stylize your portrait.  And make your eyes greener while you're at it, why not?
Or just go for the mostly-conceptual: I am a rainbow.
You guys, that's like art-magic - I just turned myself into a rainbow.

But MOSTLY - here's what I think about self-love.
Don't worry about it.
Do what you think is totally awesome, whatever it may be, and eventually, you'll realize that you are the totally awesome human being doing all of those awesome things.
Which sort of makes you awesome.

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  1. Conceptually (and really) you ARE a rainbow. So good at that!! Thank you so much for participating in the link-up, Cara. You even took a selfie.. with a shark! Nothing can top that. <3

  2. I did my first self portrait for this link up- all of yours are definitely inspiring enough for me to give it another shot!

    I am Erica of but your comment form doesn't let me respond with a simple name/URL so I had to attach it to a mostly defunct LiveJournal account.

  3. Yeah, I think we're always changing and growing as people, and so our potential self-portraits are also always changing. It's good to catch them down on paper now and then. :) Glad you stopped by!

  4. yaaaaay! selfies! these are awesome! your drawings are so lovely! i love how you drew your hair. i gotta try out those water colour pencils!!