Friday, January 11, 2013

Etsyversary! Pencil me in! Giveaway!

It's my fourth etsyversary on the 13th!
I'm excited!

So I decided to release a new product...which is is so cool that even though I MAKE them, I still kind of drool over them.

That's right - PENCIL STICKERS!
And they look pretty real.

More pictures and wordy-words here.

Okay, here's the giveaway info:
One lucky winner will receive a set of five pencil stickers in the mail.
Enter by leaving a comment below, telling me where you'd want to use these stickers. 
Like, "I want to stick them to my sister Deborah's forehead, because she likes to draw and often makes fun of my doodles."
And don't forget I need to be able to contact you - an e-mail address is fine, if I can't contact you through a blog on this site.
Comment before midnight on the 13th of January, 2013!
I'll check on the 14th, and I'll pick the winner by random number assignments pulled out of a hat.  Or we'll see which number is on the piece of paper that Taco runs away with...whichever happens first.  :)
Good luck!  Remember, this might be the easiest contest you'll ever win! 


  1. Hi chewytulip, I saw your post via Facebook and would love to join in the giveaway! I want to stick the stickers on a stick, I believe it'll look like a real pencil! Then I'll give it to my cousin who always likes to play a prank on me! Nah just kidding, I think it will be useful for my scrapbook. :)

    1. That stick prank might have worked! :)

      Thank you for entering my giveaway.

  2. I'd like to use your pencil stickers on my mail art to look like the pencil is addressing the envelope!

    1. TMC, you won! I ended assigning colors to each of you, then twirling the assigned colors of markers behind my back to pick them. (You were orange, in case you were wondering.)
      Congratulations! I'll be in touch. :)