Thursday, January 31, 2013

not your usual designer item

Okay, I consider myself a designer, by virtue of the college degree that says as much.
And also by lifestyle.

That said, sometimes I laugh at "designer" things. 
Designer shoes. To me, usually ugly.
Designer clothes.  Just because someone claims it is "designer" doesn't mean it will make you feel good when you wear it.
And, oh, designer hand bags.  I really hate the ones that are covered in branding, like the letter 'c' if it's by Coach, etc.  Can't you just come up with lines so distinctive that you don't even need to brand it?  It's not like it's a herd of cattle that's going to wander off.

I bought something yesterday that was designed well.
 And it tickles me pink to think about it.
You want to know what it is?

A tape dispenser.
I needed one, I finally allowed myself to go buy one, and this pretty little thing enticed me with its curves.
Very unusual behavior for a tape dispenser, I thought.

It's so pretty I even took a black and white photograph.  Now that's unusual behavior for me, the self-proclaimed Queen of Color and follower of Rainbow Brite.

I even bought it in white.  Usually, I want things in orange, or yellow, or any kind of neon.  Not this time.
Its shape needed to be shown in the purest possible way.

It's asymmetrical!  And yet, still so perfect.
I think I am in love with a tape dispenser.

Usually I make fun of the silly things that designers say about their work, but this quote I liked.
"The Pebble collection was created to bring an island of softness and serenity to the eye while inviting our hands to objects that are enjoyable and functional to use." --Karim Rashid

It does! I can't believe it! Now my only problem is that I want ALL my tools to be this aesthetically pleasing.
Should I ask this dude to design a sewing machine?  (That's the next big purchase on my list.)

I bought mine at the local Staples store, but if this post makes you want to run out and get one, I'll link you into amazon.  In case you're as taken with it as I am.


  1. I predict you will enhance its beauty with a splotch of paint or sticker or two. : )