Wednesday, January 9, 2013

unicorn trifecta

It's true.  I've got a triple-threat post revolving entirely around unicorns.

stationery: Available soon at chewytulip!
(Whaaaaaaaaat? I just sneak pre-viewed all over your face! Hope you've got patience!)
Unicorns, new paper colors, and a hot pink that's so hot it's scary!
I think I'll call it "apocalypse pink."
(Do I need to point it out? It's the one in the upper right corner, trying desperately to singe your retinas.)

A very short comic, featuring the very same unicorn.
I actually put this on the back of an envelope heading out to Texas.
Hope he wasn't embarrassed.

And finally, a cookie...because everyone deserves a cookie.

My dear friend Kim made me a pile (an actual pile) of cookies, with devastatingly awesome illustrations on the frosting.

And that's my unicorn-craziness for now!  (Don't worry, I'll be back soon - maybe even tomorrow!)

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  1. Such lovely unicorns! And I love 'apocalypse pink'! ;)