Friday, January 25, 2013

valentine's day card donation

Etsy is doing a good thing for people on Valentine's Day.
They're taking donations of handmade or vintage valentines and distributing them to the elderly in NYC via City-Meal-on-Wheels.

 You can read more about how to help here:

So, of COURSE I made some cards to send.

They suggest keeping it bright & happy, so I did.
And it wouldn't be complete without a little postal panache.
I really wish I could throw a card-making party...but I am pretty sure it would be just me and Taco.
Taco says he gets bored when I spend all this time playing with paper.  I promised to play with him later!


  1. I love that your cat's name is Taco. I would come to your card making party!

  2. I would come to your card making party too! Hee hee Taco looks exceedingly adorable in that photo. <3

  3. Awww, thanks, you guys! (I'm getting that warm fuzzy feeling again...oh...wait, maybe that was a close encounter with Taco!)