Monday, August 18, 2014

matchy matchy Monday - basil manicure

One way to come up with new ideas is to blend two of your already-existing obsessions.
In this case, I am obsessed with painting my nails...
and I am obsessed with basil. 

I like to grow basil, I like to multiply my basil plants by giving my plants a trim, sticking the trimmed bits in water, and making them grow new roots. And I like to cook with basil.

And pesto.
But who doesn't love pesto?
It's the secret ingredient in every fancy sandwich on the planet.

By the way, just made my first batch of mint-basil pesto last week and it was awesome sauce. Literally.

Really digging the two-tone nail polish trick, lately. My friend Kim did it a couple of weeks ago, with three color stripes (I think she had black/blue/teal), and it reminded me of a modified french manicure. So I started doing just the two colors together. It's pretty easy, and I'm happy that I don't require tape to help guide the diagonal line. I just do it freehand.

 Yep. So that's basil green.
I hope you're smelling basil-fresh, and HAPPY MONDAY!

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