Sunday, August 3, 2014

matchy matchy monday - orange crush

 Taco is such a darling. Look at him, posing next to and on top of a bunch of orange stuff.
Did I ever tell you I got the fabric for the curtain in Hawaii? No? Well, I'm telling you now. Stuff totally tells a story.
Bonus matching colors: Taco's eyes match the color of the walls. Not that that's why we live here or anything...but that's totally why.
Sriracha flavored peanuts: not really a healthy color for my peanuts to be. Oh well.
In the middle, the best pen case I ever bought. It can stand up by itself! Like a pen cup! It's great for traveling with my technical pen, which needs to be stored nib up. (Otherwise it'll clog. Ew.)
And finally, my sweetiepiepumpkinmuffinface's calculator. It's orange. He's in love with it, I think. I am pretty sure he bragged about it at work, when it was new.

Have you ever bragged about how cool your calculator is?

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